Create subdomain in Cpanel

in this article we will create Sub domains are also the domain names working under your main domain name. Sub domains are commonly used to run multiple websites under one domain name. You don’t need to pay extra for creating sub domains. You can create and manage unlimited sub domains for free of cost. Sub domain names […]

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Introducing 12 SEO Tools

In order to find some errors and problems with the site, we must use tools that have already passed their test. We also need tools to help us build backlinks and content strategy. This article attempts to introduce the most important and practical SEO tools. 1- Webmaster Tools or Google Console Web master tools, the […]

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How to Convert a Document to a Picture – Very Easy!

How to Convert a Document to an Image –  Need to convert your Word Document to a drawing? Microsoft Word itself has this function, so you don’t need another third party application or  Web Converter  to do that. MS. Word Version 2007 and above can convert word documents into images using  Paste Special  and you will have the choice of whether to convert […]

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How to Change Website Title in WordPress

How to Change Website Title in WordPress  – The text that the WordPress site displays on the Web browser tab has two components: the title and the tagline. You selected the title when you first installed WordPress on your server. But WordPress displays a default tagline like “Just another WordPress site” until you change it. To change the WordPress website title […]

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Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

Shortcuts Almost everyone uses Microsoft Excel for various document purposes in the modern work world. But many of us might not use it efficiently and quickly. Therefore, to help you work faster with this software, we have collected 78 of the best excel shortcut keys that you must know. Keyboard shortcuts or Excel shortcut keys can definitely […]

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How can we build a virtual server environment for web development?

Windows and Mac OS operating systems have evolved over the past few years into user-friendly operating systems, but every web developer really needs to work in the native web development environment of Linux. In this article, we will teach you how to take advantage of both platforms: You can use a stable, user-friendly operating system […]