Axis Communication Introduces A New Level Of Security

Security service providers and their representatives today can provide a new competitive service that controls the remote monitoring of video networks . This service has recently been featured by AXIS Guardian.

Axis Communication, a leader in the field of video network platforms, integrates with existing monitoring security software and processes information and then stores it in cloud computing or local servers. Using AXIS Guardian, service providers can constantly monitor their systems and their users remotely, which does not require installation, repair or maintenance.

Mike King, director of video security at Axis Communications, said:

“We developed AXIS Guardian in partnership with security companies and warning companies to give our customers confidence that we will respond to all their needs. Our partners can make full use of the cloud service, and put their customers under the influence of a low cost and secure cloud service solution. ”

AXIS Guardian has partnered with risk-alert and security service providers to engage more deeply with its customers without costly incursions.

Improved operational efficiency

The integration of AXIS Guardian with central stations of hazard warning software has created the ability to effectively manage and resolve problems. The video verification feature has created the ability to identify potential threats more easily. This means that in the event of a problem, it can be addressed immediately, and even the platform has the ability to automatically inform various stations of the various stations (fire department, police, etc.).

Business expansion

AXIS Guardian allows security service providers to provide end-to-end customer service and other proprietary products, which will increase sales and expand the business of servers. This allows customers to enjoy additional equipment without worrying about their security management.

The AXIS Guardian mobile website and application also allows customers to control their monitoring system as much as they need. Using the AXIS Guardian app, customers will be able to view recorded videos and monitor live status.

Cost savings

AXIS Guardian also has commercial benefits and is easy to install and does not require any training or training to install it. On new devices, this can only be done with a single click. This does not mean spending a lot of money on installing. Remote monitoring also has the advantage of significantly reducing the cost of hiring guard and observer engineers.

AXIS Guardian is provided by a selected group of service providers and its owner Axis Communications. The company benefits from flexible subscriptions to reduce costs for customers, and each customer can tailor their needs according to their needs.

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