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How can we build a virtual server environment for web development?

Windows and Mac OS operating systems have evolved over the past few years into user-friendly operating systems, but every web developer really needs to work in the native web development environment of Linux. In this article, we will teach you how to take advantage of both platforms: You can use a stable, user-friendly operating system […]

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Characteristics of a good Active Directory – Part 4

Centralization: Concentrates on information, meaning that there is no need to search different places to access one set of information. Scalability: When networking capabilities increase or in other words AD grows, it should be able to cope with it and not slow down, as well as answer queries quickly, such as where a particular printer […]

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Why use SSL?

Many of us are familiar with the secure HTTPS protocol for transmitting hypertexts and how to protect SSL Internet activity and Web traffic encryption. The advantages of using the HTTPS protocol for encrypting information and data and maintaining security are clear, yet encrypted traffic can always pose a risk. For example, you may download a […]

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Advanced Threat Protection Security Solutions Review

With continued advanced threats becoming widespread in the malware world, Signature-based threat identification is no longer sufficiently effective in the ever-increasing threat environment and does not provide the security needed. Signature-based authentication relies on updates provided by product companies on their platforms. Unfortunately, many threats today are targeted or specifically designed to infiltrate a particular organization. Often these threats are used […]

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Introducing some free Anti-Ransomware

What is the purpose of hiring a bodyguard or bodyguard? Protecting the individual before anything bad happens. Computer security software has been created for exactly that purpose. It is advisable to install them before the infection is caused by malware to prevent any damage. Anti-viruses most often prevent the malware from running or entering and, if […]

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Learn how to install CloudLinux and cagefs on CentOS

Cloud Linux is a kernel-level technology for Linux servers that greatly enhances the security and performance of a host of services and provides greater stability for sustained service. Cloudlinux is launched in year 6. Cloud Linux cleverly logs the resources consumed on the server if used in an unusual way and brings the server to the […]

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Working with the default zone

After activating the firewall you can find out the default zone status of your server. Enter the following command to know what your default zone is: [root@levespace ~]# firewall-cmd –get-default-zone public   Now if you want to know which zone is active for you, use the following command: [root@levespace ~]# firewall-cmd –get-active-zones public interfaces: eno16777736   […]