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Your information is valuable and highly confidential. But which company should be trusted to share the information with? Which payment interface should you make the hard earned money for? Maybe you want to access all your information through all your gadgets all over the world?
People talk a lot about this and their choices. For some (of these choices), not all can be confusing.Operations like unRAID have similar functional flexibility. But the cost is the number of drives you can connect to. Even the file system that unRAID chooses is very different from FreeNAS.

The least flexible of options is the space you bought. Alternative network storage solutions like QNAP and Synology may be easier to set up, but their costs and limited functionality are not similar to FreeNAS. Gave:

1) FreeNAS is free.

Being free is definitely the best price for everything. Although its name is derived from the operating system that powers it (FreeBSD), the current stable version of FreeNAS 11 is fully featured and free.Both for people at home and for office conditions.Your wallet will love you for this choice.

2) The old operating system

While the word may be a unique comment, the software must meet a number of specific requirements in order to be recognized as obsolete. Has been. The evolution of FreeNAS has made it one of the best secure, secure, permanently maintained, renovated and certified NAS platforms in the world that you can access.

2) Reuse of old hardware

Remember the old computer in the garage of your house waiting to get rid of it? Why not give it the spirit of a new life? It is almost said that FreeNAS runs on any hardware. Of course you may not be able to stream 4K quality content to your doorstep and neighbor at the same time, but it can be used as a secure file server or a simple backup server.With a little lubrication and adjustment, you can get rid of the tragic confession (fan voice) of your hated computer. The only things you should definitely buy are new drives. The hard drive gets out of hand earlier than other components.

1) Enterprise-level storage

In that case you might ask, “Obviously I need an expensive RAID controller for this level of data storage. Right?”.- Very likely not.FreeNAS uses the ZFS file system, but not all but almost all of the problems and limitations associated with ‘legacy file systems / hardware that have RAID controllers’.Even in a scenario where your motherboard burns, you should basically be able to connect your drives to another device running FreeNAS and get the parts you want.The ZFS file system allows you to create stripped drives, mirrored drives or even a Disk Array with two Parity drives. This means that your Disk Array must lose all three drives before it can cause a catastrophic failure. The flexibility that FreeNAS offers in combination with ZFS implementations makes it possible to launch from home to office. Did I tell you that you have no restrictions on adding memory?

2) Secure and private cloud space

Never again do you have to pay for your cloud space or risk exposing your data to being hacked by a malicious AH file that hacked your cloud provider and now has a copy of your passport and information. Accept your social security.Personal cloud allows you to share files, contacts, calendars, and so on your device.Your data will only be stored on your FreeNAS memory, and of course any device you access / allow.

2) Ultimate Media and Backup Servers (Support)

Losing information can be a catastrophic experience, especially when you format your five-year-old USB Flash, which includes expensive family photos and only the emotionally charged video copy of your dog’s mini-mansion for Halloween. Even in the face of adversity, such as theft or natural disasters, don’t forget that your information is valuable.FreeNAS by default supports Replication, Snapshot, and Rsync data replication. It also has extensive support for services like CrashPlan and even Amazon S3.Do you have a Mac? You can use your FreeNAS space as a time machine by default.Safely, your backup files can be either Local or Offline.On all supported platforms.If you keep all your data on your NAS, it would be interesting to distribute that information to your network.Plex is one of the apps you can’t imagine life without. After adding Plex to your FreeNAS storage, this app converts your office-grade information storage into an unconventional media server. With good support for any smart device with HDMI display or port.Plex takes care of all your media content: movies, TV shows, photos and audio collections.


The current version of FreeNAS (ie FreeNAS 11) offers a Hypervisor. This means you can have multiple versions of Windows or Linux on your FreeNAS server as long as your hardware allows. Like trying out a new operating system or building small virtual machines that have a specific purpose.Of course, the developers of the FreeNAS project have also announced that Docker will be supported in the next release.That makes your FreeNAS storage the world’s top storage.Make sure your hardware supports virtualization so you can take advantage of it.

What is the need for innovative technology? Make it yourself.

Everything from what parts to use to how to apply it all depends on you.This makes it easier to upgrade and repair than buying innovative solutions like QNAP or Sinology.
The feeling you get from making your own appliances that are more economical, more reliable and more practical is addictive.

2) Like a solid mountain. Set up and set up, and then start everything.

Once you have your FreeNAS reboot set up, there are only a few things you need to look for when it comes to a hardware problem or critical update.The scanner has a Telemetry-like design that lets you keep an eye on disk, network and CPU usage.As an alternative, you can use the default notifications sent to your email. For example, when one of your drives crashes and you lose some information if you don’t replace it soon.

1) The relevant community is great

Another symptom of a software maturity is the activity of its related community.The FreeNAS community is a sea ​​of ​​knowledge not only about FreeNAS but also with a large pool of experts in security, software development, analysis, and more. Even users who are completely unfamiliar with Linux participate in the discussions.It is very unlikely that you will come across a question that has not been asked or answered before.

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