how to backup to Backup4all Professional 7.3

Backup4all is a backup and backup software for Windows operating system. This backup utility is suitable for protecting valuable information against total or partial loss, which is suited to automating backup tasks, password protection and compression, to save space. This backup program has a simple, easy


Click on New to create task


Enter backup name and select the icon, then click on Next.


First Select the destination where do you need to backup your data. then enter your destination information like a (Google Drive, OneDrive,  Dropbox) then fill the information in box. Click on Next


  1. if you need to add folder click add folder (select folder which do you need to backup)
  2. select file which you need to store on cloud, click on add files and choose files.
  3. then click on next


do you want to encrypt the backup

then click on Next

set the scheduled when your backup work.


select the day which do you need to backup your data.


and time.


you must first configure the smtp server.  click on Configure SMTP button.

Configure the SMTP server with your domain,

  1. enter select the server name or IP
  2. enter the email address
  3. then Click on Ok


Last one, click on Save => then Save and Run


successful task create.

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