How to use Real VNC (VNC Connect) Enterprise

RealVNC is a powerful software for remote access to the system. With this program, you can connect to a remote system in a safe and easy way. For example, a network administrator can monitor all network systems, can see the screen of each network member, and access some people if needed. Exit the system remotely and other similar operations. This software is in fact a platform that anyone can take advantage of in any subject matter. For example, all supporters and software technicians can connect to the system with this program without leaving the workplace and solve the problem.

Download RealVNC

Features and Features RealVNC:

  •  Simple and beautiful interface
  • Easy and quick learning of the program
  • Configure fast and far from complication
  • The availability of client clients for a wide range of platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Having 32 and 64 bit versions
  • Possibility of full control of the monitored system
  • Ability to exchange file between source and destination system
  • Ability to negotiate between clients and servers
  • Possibility to adjust the image and sound quality to adapt to the speed of the Internet
  • High security communication between systems due to advanced encryption
  • Ability to work on Windows Server
  • High flexibility in the settings to meet the needs of the client and server
  • And …


Required system

Win2003, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinVista, Win7 x32, Win8 x32, Win8 x64,


  1. Select the Operating System
  2. Clikc Download VNC Connect Server


after downloading complete. Start the Setup.

Select the language to use during the installation, Then Click on Ok

Click Next to Start the VNC Server setup.


Read teh license agreement and accept the license and Click on Next.


Select the location were do you need to install the RealVNC Server, Then Click on the Next.


add an exception to the firewall for VNC Server, Click on Next.


Click install to start the installation.



Sign in to your RealVNC Server

Apply a license key (required Enterprise subscription) . then Click on Next.


Click Apply.


Click Done.


Click Finish.


Click on the Ok


open menu and click on Options.

To authenticate to VNC Server, a registered VNC Viewer user can supply the credentials:

  • Under any platform, of a local user account (that is, one set up directly on the computer).
  • Under Windows and Mac, providing the computer is joined to a domain, of a domain user account (one that is managed by a network service such as Active Directory). Note that prior configuration is required under Linux; see below.
  • Under Windows 8 or later, providing the computer is connected to the Internet, of a cloud user account (that is, of a Microsoft account in which the email address constitutes the user name).


Click on users & Permission and Password and enter password Click ok,


  1. Enter Ip address ( press enter)
  2. automatic add in view list


when you press enter, automatic connecting to ip address.

successfully connected



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