Install and Review Backup4all Professional 7.3

Backup4all is a backup and backup software for Windows operating system. This backup utility is suitable for protecting valuable information against total or partial loss, which is suited to automating backup tasks, password protection and compression, to save space. This backup program has a simple, easy-to-use interface with all its features available to beginner and professional users.

With Backup4all Professional, you can easily back up multiple destinations:

  • Remote – Backup FTP, FTPS and SFTP
  • Local – Backup local HDD or DVD, CD, Blu-ray / HD-DVD.
  • Network – Backup of network destination (including networked network drives)
  • External – Backup the external USB drive (USB / Firewire) or removable media (for example, USB drives)
  • Cloud computing – Online backup to Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, BOX, Deep, Hubic, etc.

Features and Features of Backup4all:

  • Cloud Backup: Store data in cloud computing such as Google Drive, Amazon, Seven, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Notification: Backup4all shows messages when specific actions occur (for example, when completing backup).
  • Block Backup: This feature increases the backup speed of large files, since only modified data blocks are backed up to the entire file.
  • Intelligent Backup: Backup4all has a unique system that automatically selects the backup type to save most of the file (in the same storage space) in its destination and improve backup speed. Using the smart backup option, optimize the backup process and reduce the decision time. Because you do not have to compare and compare different backup types.

Required system 

Operating System:
Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7

after downloading run setup file


Select location where do you need to install, then click on the Next.


Installing the Backup software


Click Lunch to run Backup for all software.


First look run this window for start trial or Enter products key.


we enter on enter products key to display this form,  enter product key and fill your information, then click on the Activate.


if your are using trial then click on start trial.


Click on the Close.


First look of Backup4all dashboard.

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