What is a VPS?

The VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server , means a dedicated virtual server , sometimes referred to as VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server , is simply called spatial hosting services, which is the same as an independent, high-level access server They work on the server, but they are multiple and put together on a physical server. In other words, with the use of technology such as Virtuozzo, with the use of powerful and advanced hardware, a physical server is divided into several VPS with the same or different features.

Each VPS will have a dedicated and secured share of the server resources, such as the processor, main memory, hard disk space, bandwidth, etc., by definition. For example, a VPS can include 512 MB of 8 GB of server-side master-guaranteed storage, plus 50 GB of storage and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth. This means that regardless of the amount of other VPSs on the server, our example VPS will access 512 MB of the server’s main memory under any circumstances.

Each virtual server works completely separate. As a result, VPSs on a server can use different operating systems and different software and versions. Supposing a VPS has Fedora Linux , another will have CentOS as the server operating systems. The same applies to Windows Vista-based VPSs . Also, the definition of dedicated name servers, the installation of ASP , PHP , MySQL , .NET and other programs with the desired version, installation and execution of all programs, DLLs, … is fully in the control of each subscriber.

The most important advantages of using VPS compared to other hosting services is the much lower cost of VPSs than dedicated servers and higher performance and access independence than Resseller / Shared Hosting , so that the cost of VPSs in many From one fifth to one tenth of the cost of dedicated servers, they have all the features. Also, any VPS can have a dedicated arbitrary IP address. In summary, from the perspective of the end-user, the VPS is just like a dedicated server, and the user will no longer see the difference in performance or service quality.


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