What is subdomain or sub directory for SEO?

Subdirectory or sub directories

If you're also busy optimizing your site, you might have encountered the question that the subdomain is better or the folder (sub-folder or sub-directory) will further familiarize you with the difference between the Subdomain and the folder so that when deciding on the choice between These two options work better …


Sub Domain:

The subdomain or subdomain, or subdomains, is a prefix that precedes the domain name of the site and can be used for various purposes, for example, to organize different sections of the site. You have, of course, a site that you can use to create sub-domains of the store, blog, etc. Examples of subdomains are blog.Yourdomain.com, Shop.Yourdomain.com, Mail.Yourdomain.com and more. You can define a subdomain for any number of domains you have.


In companies and organizations that provide separate and differentiated services, it is preferable to create each segment in a separate subdomain. The benefits of subdomains include:


– Subdomain is free and no extra money is due.

– Also, subdomain allows you to place the keyword in your site.

– You can implement Subdomain on a separate host, and this subdomain can have your own IP address.

– Finally, the subdomain can design and have its own separate management system.


Sub Directory (Sub Directory):


Unlike subdomains, sub directories fall into the domain name. like this:


If you expect a long list of SEO benefits from sub directories, there are no listings. Basically, sub directories have only two advantages.


– First, like subdomains, they can have keywords in their url.

– Second, they inherit from the main domain and there is no need for that SEO and optimization of the site separately.


The main disadvantage of SEO from sub directories is that they limit the display of search results. While the results are completely related to the pages on your site. As said, Google restricts the display of results for each domain to 2 or 3 results, so if there are more related content, they will not be displayed.


In Google's search engine, Subdomain is considered a separate site, so that it even monitors, searches and displays results in it individually. Therefore, in discussing the impact of a subdomain on SEO, Google has to be completely subdomains like a The site hits and indexes individually, because Subdomain is considered as a unique domain. In the SEO site, the subdomain has its own credit. That means there is no inheritance from the main SEO domain and you need to start all search engine optimization activities from zero to boost Google's ranking with SEO, for one Subdomain.


But for the subfolder or subdirectory, or the same folder, Google considers them as part of the current path of your site, so it does not matter whether it is in the main domain or in the subdomain. Because it will have a profound effect. Subfolders inherit the original domain, as well as any activity that is performed on a subfolder for SEO, it can be said that all the menus of a site are normally defined as subfolders.


You may find a lot of content on well-known SEO sites that prohibit you from using the subdomain and suggest the use of the folder. But this is not a general rule, because the use of subdomain will have its benefits.


In order to summarize to the preference of cadabby on the folder (subfolder or sub directory) or vice versa, you have to consider what your goal is. In other words, if you want to add a new section to your site that is not related to the main theme of your site, it's better to use subdomain, but when looking for an issue related to the main topic of a site, a topic that is closely related to the concept and application of the relationship With the main theme of the site, it is recommended to use sub-folder or sub-directory or the same folder.


When to use Sub-Domain / Sub-Directory?

Of course, the use of subdomain or sub directories will have advantages and disadvantages to your needs. For example, if your web site matters to you, the use of a subdomain may not be appropriate for you in the short term because the subdomain will be introduced separately to Google and will have its own separate site map if it contains the contents of the subdirectory It can be introduced to Google's main site. Of course, it's not advisable to use subdomains when you want to be short-term, but if you want to rank in the long run and your site has very diverse sections, use Sub Domain to split. Sections as well as improved ratings in search engines are recommended.


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