Windows Server 2019 Will Be Available In October

Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2019 will be available in October. According to Erin Chapple, vice president of Windows Server, Windows Server 2019 will be released in standard versions, Datacenter and Essentials (for small businesses) at the final stage. He added that the 2019 system center, Microsoft’s suite of utilities used on Windows and Windows servers, will be fully available in the first half of 2019.

He noted that Windows Server 2019 was designed to support hybrid computing. Hybrid means that organizations use their cloud data center in their data center using the cloud service. Combined support By using the Windows Management Center, the Microsoft Browser Management Portal is activated. He noted that the Windows Admin Center could interact with services such as Azure Backup and Sync File Azure. Organizations can use Microsoft’s Storage Migration Service, which is part of that portal, to transfer file servers to the Azure database.

Windows Server 2019 also includes some security features. The ability of the Shielded Virtual Machines to prevent virtual machine files being copied. Microsoft has extended this capability to Linux-based virtual machines on Windows Server 2019 as well. Microsoft also integrates Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection with Windows Server 2019. Microsoft has provided Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection as “a unified platform for preventive protection, post-failure diagnosis, automated checking and response.”

On the side of the app’s support, Windows Server 2019 has a slimmed-down to help developers, whose core server helps developers to better design containers. Chapple points to server support for Linux containers, which can be run “side by side with Windows containers.” The new server works with Microsoft’s Service Fabric service to develop traditional cloud-based applications. Kubernetes also supports the ergonomic Google Container solution. Microsoft has already pointed out that Kubernetes support will go public with the release of Kubernets version 1.13.

Hyperconverged infrastructure and networks defined by the software, including security support, other features of Windows Server 2019. The Cluster Sets feature is designed to provide more flexibility when using virtual machines in clusters.

Another feature in Windows Server 2019 is a new Data Plane Development Kit that supports developers with video playback applications. Microsoft has also improved the Azure virtual private network (VPN) connection speed with the point-to-site VPN connection.

Microsoft is hoping to upgrade its processor performance in Windows Server 2019 by synchronizing its downloads in vSwitch technology, while reducing its power-ups. Also, the technology of several dynamic virtual machine queues is designed to provide an automatic adjustment to optimize the processor’s work. Windows Server 2019 also has software-defined enhancements for IPSec and GRE networks.

Microsoft has promised to provide support for HTTP / 2 traffic with Windows Server 2019. Support for Windows Server 2019 storage space, which allows IT staff to store storage using a disk in a cluster, is expected to have a storage capacity of 4x4PB pools.

Microsoft has also been tasked with improved bandwidth control with the Lightback Delay Background (LEDBAT) transfer on Windows Server 2019. Microsoft has also claimed to have improved the accuracy of time on Windows Server 2019 using a precise time control protocol.

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